* 1. Would you have an interest in attending practical, educational workshops at the Clean Energy Centre in Taupo During 2012?

* 2. If yes or maybe, which topics would be of greatest interest? (Tick all that apply)

* 3. Would you prefer a lunchtime workshop or an evening workshop?

* 4. Do you have a specific project for which you would like to explore clean, renewable energy options during 2012?

* 5. If yes, please briefly describe that project

* 6. How much research have you already done into the options that make the most sense for you?

* 7. We are assessing the level of interest in an off-grid housing community in Taupo. Home heating would be supplied either via geothermal or biomass. Electricity would be supplied via solar and wind. Waste water would be drip irrigated to biomass crops which provide future fuel for the community. Water would be supplied via rainwater collection. How seriously would you consider residing in this community if it existed?

* 8. We will be holding the 2nd Annual Clean Energy Expo in October 2012. Which of the following, if any, might be of interest to you? (Tick all that apply)

* 9. Do you have any comments you'd like to make?

* 10. Thank you for your input. Please provide us with your contact information.

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