Yes, we'll join Mid-Ohio Foodbank in the fight to end hunger by participating in the community-wide Operation Feed campaign!

* 1. Sponsoring Organization

* 3. Industry / Sector

* 4. Number of Employees or Members (for goal-setting & awards)

* 5. Campaign Coordinator Information

* 6. Campaign Time Frame (approximate -- program runs March-June)

Start Date
End Date

* 7. Communications / Social Media Contact Information (to help us highlight your organization's philanthropic involvement)

* 8. President, CEO or Top Local Official (for leadership events, recognition)

* 9. Communications & Outreach Options

I am coordinating a campaign for the first time.
I'd like to schedule my group for a tour of Mid-Ohio Foodbank.
Please contact me about scheduling an Operation Feed representative to visit our meeting/campaign event.

* 10. Please add these committee members to the Operation Feed email list:

* 11. Please contact the following organizations to discuss participation in Operation Feed (enter names and contact information).