Bellingham is a community of creators, actively involved in many cultural, artistic, environmental, and other endeavors. As part of a grant-funded project, Bellingham Public Library plans to create customized resource kits and related programs on topics that promote sustainability, self-reliance and innovation. These do-it-yourself (DIY) kits will be available for check-out at the Central Library, so that community members can pursue diverse activities with access to relevant information and local resources. Let us know what interests and inspires you!

* 1. What DIY interest areas or hobbies do you already actively pursue? Please list up to 3. (Are you an urban farmer? Quilter? Gardening enthusiast? Home brewer? Let us know!)

* 2. How frequently do you access Bellingham Public Library for resources to support these interests?

* 3. Where else in the community do you typically get resources (i.e. general information or materials/supplies) to support these interests?

* 4. What are new DIY interest areas or hobbies that you’d like to pursue? Please list up to 3.

* 5. Please identify any community resources that you may be aware of, related to these new interests.

* 6. How should Bellingham Public Library prioritize the development of a DIY collection?

* 7. Are there any other priorities you’d like Bellingham Public Library to consider as we develop DIY resources and programs?

* 8. Would you be interested in sharing your own expertise with the community on a particular topic, should that topic be included in the DIY collection? If so, please provide:

* 9. How old are you?

* 10. Do you have a Bellingham Public Library card?

* 11. Which of these libraries do you use most often?