This year FSC strayed away from having their typical homecoming week. In years past, teams would participate in various activities, hold events for alumni, attend Founder's Day convo the Friday of that week and attend Southern Takeover the weekend of homecoming. This year, they separated these events and had a special Mocs Pride Week just for students, without hosting alumni events.

* 1. Did you attend homecoming last year?

* 2. Did you attend the Welcome to the Wizarding World event on Tuesday the 21st?

* 3. If not, why not?

* 4. Did you attend the Swish n' Flick event on Wednesday the 22nd?

* 5. If not, why not?

* 6. Did you attend the TriWizard Tournament event on Friday the 24th?

* 7. If not, why not?

* 8. If you were not on a team for Mocs Pride week, why not?

* 9. Overall, how satisfied were you with this year's Mocs Pride week?

* 10. How did this Mocs Pride/homecoming week differ from years past?