Please take a moment to share your thoughts about the the Bangor Public Library and to offer your suggestions as the BPL Board looks to the future.  Your responses will be combined with those of other community members and will remain anonymous, so please be frank. Thank you!

* 1. Please let us know which age range best describes you:

* 2. Do you have children who currently use the library facility and/or resources?

* 3. Where do you go on a regular/daily basis to find out what’s happening in the community (check all that apply)

* 4. What is it that you value most about the Bangor Public Library today?

* 5. What, if anything, stands in the way or presents an obstacle to you accessing the Library’s programs and services on a more frequent basis?

* 6. Are there problems or issues you think the Library needs to address? If so, what?

* 7. Are there efforts underway in the community, or problems to address, that could benefit from the Library’s active involvement? If so, what?

* 8. As you look to the future, what more might the Library do to meet the needs or build the strengths of our community?

* 9. Please offer any other comments or suggestions here.   

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