If you would like to teach a class at Artisan's Asylum, please fill out this survey. Fill this survey out once per proposed class.

If applicable, please tailor your bio/qualifications in each survey to the specific training and qualifications applicable to teaching that class. If you don't have formal training in that area, just give us an indication of your skill level and contact information for a few people that can vouch for your abilities.

NOTE: We will use your class title and class description in our mailings to our membership, so please take them seriously. If you would like us to spin an exciting class description together for you, give us an idea of what the class would accomplish and indicate that you'd like us to modify your class description in the comments.

* 1. Class Title:

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* 5. Class Style:

* 6. Class Description:

* 7. Final Product:

* 8. Class-Specific Instructor Qualifications:

* 9. Instructor References:

* 10. Total classroom hours required:

* 11. Total hours spent preparing for class:

* 12. Maximum class size:

* 13. Class requirements (a quiet room, a projector, the availability of certain tools, student-purchased consumables, specific tool training, etc.):

* 14. Instructor availability (if a single workshop):

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* 15. Instructor Availability (if weekly):

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