The Baltimore Police Monitoring Team has issued for public comment a draft Request for Applications (RFA) for neighborhood liaisons. Neighborhood liaisons will facilitate the Monitoring Team’s community engagement efforts by providing localized points of access to the Monitoring Team across the City.

To ensure the Monitoring Team issues an RFA that will identify the most qualified applicants for the neighborhood liaisons positions, the Monitoring Team welcomes public comment on the draft RFA.  Please provide your comments below.

To prevent prospective neighborhood liaison applicants from attempting to shape the RFA to favor their own applications, you are prohibited from submitting comments on the draft RFA if you intend to apply for a neighborhood liaison position. Any individual who submits comments on the draft RFA will be disqualified from applying to be a neighborhood liaison.  This prohibition is necessary to ensure the integrity of the application process.

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* 1. Please provide your name prior to completing the survey.

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* 2. Given the goal of providing community members localized access to the Monitoring Team, does the draft Neighborhood Liaison Request for Applications (RFA) adequately allow for applicants that reflect the diversity of Baltimore and its neighborhoods? If not, what changes do you recommend?