* 1. What were the most useful aspects of the Retreat?Why?

* 2. What were the least useful aspects of the Retreat? Why?

* 3. Did the Retreat expand your interests to other areas of mathematics?

* 4. Did you take advantage of the live streaming of the Retreat lectures?
If so, was it useful? What could be improved?

* 5. Indicate which, if any, of the programs supported by GEAR that you have used:

* 6. In your view, which GEAR programs are working well and which not so well? How would you like to see the resources of GEAR used?

* 7. The GEAR network links several different research communities, loosely described by the themes of the Retreat days. Each community has its own perspective and set of tools but they all share common interests centered on geometric structures and representation varieties. A main goal of the network is to enhance collective understanding by facilitating cross-pollination of ideas among the different network areas.Where do you see the most pressing need, or the greatest opportunities for this kind of interaction. In other words, what should be on the mathematical agenda of the network for the next two years?