1. Book Drive Feedback - We want to know!

Please help us improve our methods and systems to support successful book drives and sustainable libraries. Just take a few minutes to give us your feedback and ideas based on your recent experience.

We appreciate your support on behalf of thousands of African readers who will enjoy the books you sent!

* 1. What is the name of your book drive? What was your African library partner name?

* 2. What worked best for you about your book drive? What helped you to feel satisfied and productive?

* 3. What worked least for you? How could you and others have been more satisfied or more productive?

* 4. What worked best to collect and handle (sorting, packing, shipping) the books you wanted?

* 5. What could have worked better to collect and handle the books?

* 6. What worked best to raise funds for postage and shipping?

* 7. What could have worked better to raise funds?

* 8. Web Pages: We offer personalized web pages (a new feature) for each ALP book drive on our website. If you created a web page for your book drive, was it useful? What worked? How could we improve this feature? If you did not create a web page, why not? How could we make it easier or more attractive to do so? Did you visit the web page of any other ALP book drives to get ideas? How was this useful or not?

* 9. What else would you like us to know? (We are listening!)

* 10. Looking forward….how do you or your organization want to participate with us next year? (e.g., sponsor a book drive, donate money for shipping books, tell others about ALP, or other ideas?)