Feedback for "Back to School Night"

In order to be as helpful as we can be to as many people as we can be, we appreciate your feedback on how we can best organize and schedule for the "Back to School" nights next school year.
A link with the results will be posted on the District Website and the District Facebook page in a few weeks.
Thank you for your help!

* 1. I am a parent/guardian of a student(s) at (choose all that apply) for 2012-13.

* 2. Knowing that we have two days of Teacher Inservice to start the year, (and the first day of school would be a Wednesday) I would prefer that the Back to School Night is on

* 3. I think the most important purpose of Back to School Night is (choose one)

* 4. What is the best way we can improve Back to School Night for 2012-13?