The City of Cambridge understands that open data is a valuable resource and an important starting point for innovation. Please fill out the survey below to help us understand how you think we're doing. The survey will take approximately 3 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time and input!

* 1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  Strongly Agree Agree  Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
The City of Cambridge is moving in the right direction on civic innovation and open data.
The City collaborates effectively with its open data users and civic innovation partners.
The City’s open data portal is a useful resource for helping to solve community issues.

* 2. If you wish, please explain your answers for question 1.

* 3. Are you a resident of the City of Cambridge?

* 4. Are you associated with an organization that uses or could use open data?
(e.g., a business, non-profit, advocacy group, or community-based organization)

* 5. Are you a member of a civic technology or coding group?

* 6. Which categories of data are you most interested in having access to?

* 7. Is there a new open dataset that you would like to see posted on Cambridge’s open data portal?

* 8. What are your main goals when using open data?

* 9. Do you have an open data project or project idea that you'd like to share with us? Please tell us about it and provide contact info if you wish:

* 10. Any other comments or questions?

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