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Return To Sport

As part of returning to sport and staying COVID-safe, sports organisations are being asked to:

- develop COVID-19 safety plans, 
- help participants practice good hygiene and stay safe, 
- prepare a response if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs, and 
- develop good public health protocols for the future.

Who is this module for? 

It has been created for Bicycle NSW Accredited Ride Leaders and for interested Members of Bicycle NSW Affiliated Bicycle User Groups.

However, even if you ride by yourself or only with members of your family you are still welcome to complete this module to learn more about being COVID-Safe when riding.

COVID-19 measures for solo riders or people of the same household

Bicycle NSW Members participate in many types of bike riding. If you ride alone, in parks, for transport, with family or the members of your household, ordinary COVID-19 control measures are enough. This is because Bicycle NSW doesn't have club-houses, tournaments or shared equipment.  

Training should take less than 15 minutes, is essential for Bicycle NSW Ride Leaders, and helps us to support you.

This module was prepared for on 17 June 2020, information and NSW restrictions may have changed since then. We recommend visiting the NSW Health website for more information. 

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