* 1. What days are best for horse shows?

* 2. What types of classes are most important to you that we include?

  Not important Important Extremely Important
Horse Agility (on the ground - leading your horse)
Liberty (on the ground with no halter)
Finesse (riding being judged on looks/accuracy)
Speed (riding where the fastest clear round wins)
Gamblers Choice (riding with the most points in 3 min wins)
Beginner classes
Novice classes
Advanced classes
Youth class
Green horse class

* 3. Did you like having a Finesse, Speed, and Gamblers Choice class make a division for a bigger prize?

* 4. What types of prizes do you like?

  I don't like getting this I don't mind getting this I like getting this I love getting this
Gift Cards
Horse Products (lead ropes, horse bathing needs, first aid supplies, etc)
Personalized Products (Halter/Brush/Saddle Bag, etc with the writing 'champion' and the class/division on it) 
A bin of horses prizes you can choose from (polos, fly masks, horse products, etc)

* 5. Do you like there to be year end prizes?

* 6. How many shows do you like to see in the series over the summer?

* 7. Do you want all the shows to be at the same farm or different ones?

* 8. Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for improvement?