Hello! Thank you for helping us recognize and celebrate Boston Cares’ dedicated volunteers and partners!

The Boston Cares Spotlight highlights some of our most engaged volunteers and the incredible organizations they serve. We hope to encourage other volunteers (new and seasoned alike) to learn more about lesser known and harder-to-fill projects offered. Spotlights allow Boston Cares to celebrate our incredible community of individuals/organizations committed to care.

Each month, we focus on a different impact area or Boston Cares program to showcase the variety of opportunities available. Spotlights also let us share the important work to which all members of the Boston Cares community contribute. Please see below to see an example of a monthly theme.
February Volunteer Spotlight: Share the love with basic needs projects. 
(ex: American Red Cross Food Pantry)

If you know a volunteer passionate about serving or have volunteered at an outstanding
organization with a positive message to share, we would love to hear from you! Thank you for helping us to present all the great work Boston Cares’ volunteers and our partner
organizations achieve!

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* 5. What makes this volunteer amazing?
(Topics to touch on could include: their commitment to the Boston Cares community and/or a partner organization, their positive attitude and full engagement in a project(s), their work ethic, and/or a particularly touching story you’d like to share. 1000 characters max, please.)