Today we are living longer, due to better medical care, advances in technology, and smarter health choices.  Many of us will contemplate a second or 'encore' opportunity to do something else after we retire. That opportunity comes sooner for federal employees because they can retire before the age of 60.  What options might be available for younger retirees?   And how do the experiences from a career influence post-retirement choices?  While our initial career choice may be based on a commitment to public service, a need for security, or something equally tangible; what might a second opportunity offer - a different career, volunteering for a favorite charity or public interest, travel, interest in art, etc.?
My name is Marianne Kramer and I am a doctoral student at Antioch University. Through this survey, you will have an opportunity to share your views about retirement choices for federal employees from the Intelligence Community who are baby boomers.  My survey is about looking at life choices after retirement.  I am interested in your decisions, opportunities, and experiences since you retired from Federal service.
This survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete.  
Your participation is voluntary and you can discontinue at any time during the survey.  There are minimal, if any, risks from participating. All survey responses will be kept confidential and anonymous and any data being collected will be reported as aggregated information. 

Your privacy is important and will be protected. You will not be identified by name in any reports using information obtained from this survey.  All uses of records and data will be subject to standard data use policies, which protect the anonymity of individuals; however, data and analysis from the survey may be used for future scholarly presentations and publications.
This survey has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for studies involving Human Subjects at Antioch University. 

Participation in this survey implies consent. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Kreeger at   For further information on the study and survey, please contact Marianne V. Kramer -
Thank you.

Marianne V. Kramer