The Town is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan and We Need Your Help!

Please take a moment to complete this survey in order to assist the Town with updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The results of this survey will be used to guide the update of the Plan.  

* 1. What part of Narragansett do you live in?

* 2. Is your property located in a Floodplain?

* 3. If Yes above, do you have flood insurance?

* 4. If No above, what is the primary reason you
do not carry flood insurance?

* 5. Has your property ever been directly impacted by a natural hazard in Narragansett?

* 6. If Yes above, please indicate which natural hazards. (Please check all that apply)

* 7. If yes on number 6, please describe the nature of the damage.

* 8. In your opinion, how important are the community assets listed below?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Neutral Somewhat Unimportant Not Important
Recreation Fields
Emergency Shelters
Fire Stations
Historic Buildings/Structures
Police Stations
Water Access
Business Centers
Residential Neighborhoods
Water Utilities
Wastewater Utilities (Town sewer system)

* 9. In your opinion, which of the following categories are most susceptible to natural hazards in Narragansett?  Please rank 1-6, 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important).

* 10. Natural hazards can have a significant impact on a community, and planning for these types of events can help us lessen the impacts. The following statements will help us determine priorities regarding planning for natural disasters. Please indicate how important each statement is to you by filling in the appropriate circle below .

  Very Important Somewhat Important Neutral Somewhat Unimportant Not Important
Protecting critical roads and evacuation routes
Protecting shorelines and shoreline features (beaches, seawall, dunes)
Protecting water and wastewater infrastructure (pumping stations, treatment facilities, potable water)
Protecting Public/Town-owned assets (Town Hall, Library, Community Center)
Protecting commercial properties/assets
Protecting and maintaining bridges and causeways
Protecting residential areas
Protecting natural features, recreation areas and public open spaces
Protecting critical facilities (Police station, Fire Stations, etc.)
Preventing development in hazard areas
Protecting Galilee Business District/working waterfront
Protecting historical structures and cultural landmarks
Protecting and reducing dames to utilities (storm water, electric)
Strengthening emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)

* 11. What actions have you taken to reduce the risk of natural hazards for your property?