2018 MLS Board of Directors Self-Nomination Form

Nomination forms must be submitted no later than Friday, June 16, 2017.

Are you interested in serving your MLS as an Officer or Director? Tell us why you should be considered by the Nominating Committee to be on the Slate. The Nominating Committee (Past Presidents) is seeking talented, forward thinking individuals who represent a broad spectrum of the membership in terms of diversity, firm size (large and small) and firm type (independents and franchises).

Criteria for Serving on the CMMLS Board of Directors

  • Must be the Principal Broker of the firm who applied for MLS Participation
  • Can make objective decisions without prejudice
  • Has a desire to help the MLS Service remain relevant into the future
  • Can commit to attending monthly MLS Board of Directors meetings (3rd Thursday of each month)
  • Regularly attends MLS Participants meetings
  • Votes in MLS elections
  • Is knowledgeable about the MLS products and services currently being provided
  • Ability to make decisions that are best for the membership as a whole

* Making your interest known through this form does not guarantee a nomination by the Nominating Committee. *

* 1. MLS Board of Directors Nominee Information

* 2. Please select any position(s) which you have interest in serving. You may be considered for one or more positions provided that you meet the criteria stated above.

* 3. By entering your name below, you will attest that you meet all stated criteria listed at the beginning of this form to serve on the MLS Board.

If you are nominated, you will be required to provide a photo and other supplemental information that will be posted on the CMR website for members to view prior to the election. Supplemental information can be a letter to members, a statement, a bio, a resume or video. You may submit that information along with the Interest Survey if you would like the Nominating Committee to also have the information as they consider who to nominate.