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The Sound Money Project of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation asks you to indicate your support of the following principles, which are at the heart of our work to discover paths back to Sound Money.
I. Honesty in Money - Money should serve as an honest measure and a reliable store of value.
II. Free Markets Need Accurate Money - Money should convey price signals with clarity so that free markets can operate efficiently.
III. Clear Price Signals are Key to Economic Stability - When price signals are distorted through loose monetary policy, economic resources are misallocated and financial capital is misdirected.
IV. Integrity in Money - Sound money forges the link between effort and reward by providing a dependable store of value over time.
V. Ability to Plan Ahead - When money can be trusted, individuals are able to plan ahead with confidence.
VI. Consistency in the Worth of Money Over Time - The virtue of saving goes unrewarded when purchasing power is undermined by inflation.
VII. Asserting the Right to a Reliable Dollar - Money’s most important function is to provide a useful tool for private enterprise – not to serve as an instrument of government policy.
VIII. Constitutional Imperative in Money - The Constitution gives authority to Congress to “coin” money, not print it, in keeping with the Founders’ intention to prevent abuse of money powers.
IX. Limiting Government Intervention - The more power we grant to government to determine the value of money, the more helpless we become as masters of our own economic fate.
X. Sound Money Would Restore America’s Strength - A sound dollar would be a testament to our national values and founding principles.

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