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* 1. I can help determine what activities, policies and materials are a part of the library media program.

* 2. The media specialist regularly communicates with the staff about programming and resources using a variety of methods.

* 3. The media budget for books, audio-visual materials, computer software, and equipment is adequate to meet my students’ needs.

* 5. The resources in the media center are easy to locate, readily accessible, well maintained, and up-to-date.

* 6. The media center curriculum plays an important part in the total educational program at the school.

* 7. The media center is adequately available for my use, whole class use, and individual or small group student use.

* 9. Please list the best characteristic(s) of your school’s library media program:

* 10. Please list the way(s) the library media program could be improved to better serve you and your students.