1. Making the BEST Even Better ~ Survey on the Future of Burlington's Downtown District

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What do you do with a Downtown that made numerous "best" lists over the years? If you're smart, you make it even better.

That's why the Downtown Partnership is focusing on Downtown Burlington's future.

Give us your insight. What are the keys to maintaining Downtown Burlington's strong economy.

Note: The Downtown District includes the area from the Waterfront to S. Union and Pearl to Maple.

* 1. How Important are Each of the Following Actions to Burlington's Economic Vitality?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Critical Not Sure
1) Retain the walkable quality of our urban landscape.
2) Preserve and improve the aesthetic and architectural quality of Burlington.
3) Expand the management model of Church Street Marketplace to other areas of the downtown district.
4) Increase housing options for families, post-college age people and others.
5) Support the presence of a quality school system as a key to economic vitality.
6) Grow the tax base by encouraging redevelopment and development in Downtown Burlington.
7) Improve our permitting process so that it is more efficient, includes a voice for all sides and results in quality, feasible projects.
8) Attract more tourism.
9) Support the Farmer's Market, the Intervale and other efforts to make healthy, local foods available in Burlington.
10) Add year rounds attractions in the downtown district such as museums, cultural centers, theaters, and entertainment facilities.
11) Provide a full-range of retail services in downtown Burlington through a mix of national and local retailers.
12) Spend enough to make our downtown streets, sidewalks and parking areas passable in all seasons.
13) Improve ease-of-movement and the connection between Church Street Marketplace and the waterfront.
14) Create a high level of marina services and amenities on Lake Champlain's Waterfront.
16) Include waterfront pedestrian rights-of-way in future waterfront development.
16) Create commerce that generates year-round activity on Burlington's Waterfront.
17) Encourage businesses in the downtown district to incorporate sustainable and "green" business practices.
18) Add more signs and maps that provide directions and information for residents and visitors to the downtown district.
19) Provide more parking.
20) Relocate the Cherry Street Bus stop.
21) Increase the frequency of the College Street Shuttle Service.
22) Bring high tech and green businesses to Burlington.
23) Locate retail and commercial services away from social services.
24) Improve the safety and cleanliness of our streets and parks.
25) Install better lighting in under-lit locations.
26) Repair, maintain, and improve the Burlington Bike Path.

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The Downtown Partnership is comprised of the Burlington Business Association, Burlington Community and Economic Development Office, and Church Street Marketplace. Burlington Planning and Zoning is working with us on this effort. For more information contact: Kelly Devine at director@bbavt.org or Ron Redmond at rredmond@verizon.net