Biosecurity induction for site visitors and contractors

Footwear, clothing, vehicles, and equipment can spread weeds, insects, and diseases.
To keep this farm free of unwanted pests, you must register your visit and follow biosecurity protocols.

Before entering clean zones (circled in red on the map below) you must:
  • Ensure your clothing and footwear is clean (including your hat) and check for soil, weed seeds, insects, and spores.
  • Clean your footwear using the brushes and chlorine foot baths provided.
  • Speak to a site manager to identify areas of the farm you can visit.
If you have recently visited a berry farm overseas or interstate, or have been in contact with a berry pest or disease that may spread to this site, DO NOT ENTER THE FARM. Report to the site manager. There are additional biosecurity protocols you must follow.

Vehicles and equipment must not be bought onto this property without prior approval from the site manager. Use the vehicles and equipment provided on-site wherever possible and use the cleaning tools, solutions, and instructions provided.

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* 1. I understand and accept the biosecurity requirements of this site