Disability Action Plan Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey for Fleurieu Aquatic Centre (FAC). The staff team at FAC is currently planning to prepare a Disability Action Plan (DAP) and your feedback will assist us with developing the action items to be contained within this document.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. How accessible do you or your group find FAC?

* 3. Please list any existing facilities that you feel improve access and any facilities currently not available that may assist you with accessibility in the future.

* 4. Do you find staff generally knowledgeable and approachable in the areas of disability awareness and understanding of accessibility needs?

* 5. Are there programs or services at the facility that you currently utilise?

* 6. If so, please list these:

* 7. Are there programs/services you would like to see introduced that are currently not available at FAC? If so please list these.

* 8. Currently we offer swimming teachers, personal trainers, access to external physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, etc. Is there any particular expertise or professional skill set that you would like to utilise at our Centre?

* 9. Is there adequate parking, and/or public transport to allow you to access our Centre? If transport is an issue, what would make it easier for you to get to the Centre?