BMU Act 46 Community Survey

In the coming months, BMU’s School Board will be deciding what action to take under Act 46. Significant possible changes include:

  • Eliminating local school boards and creating one regional board

  • Combining ownership of buildings and school debt across a Unified Union School District

  • Voting by ballot on a combined budget for all schools

  • Or we can choose to make more limited changes.
What’s right for our community? We want to hear your opinion

Tell us about yourself. This information will help us understand more about who’s participating in the survey, to make sure we are reaching a broad range of people. Personal information will not be shared.

* 1. Which town do you live in?

* 2.  Are you a registered voter?

* 3. What best describes your relationship with BMU? (Choose all that apply)

* 4. In answering the following question please consider that operating a PreK-8 school with tuitioning of HS students is more expensive than operating a PreK-12 school. Current estimates indicate this would result in an increase in costs of $100/$100K of property value.

Should BMU retain a PreK-12 school or change to become a Pre-K-8 with HS choice?

* 5. How important to you is local control of decision making regarding our students’ education?

* 6. Under ACT 46, the proposed “Unified Union District” model would eliminate community level school boards and create one larger regional board with proportional representation from each town, determined in articles of agreement; combine school budgets into a single, regionally controlled budget; and all school buildings, land and assets, as well as any debt would be owned collectively by the new multi town regional district. What do you think about this idea?

* 7. Under Act 46, the proposed “Supervisory Union” would be composed of multiple member districts, each with its separate school board that are governed by one Superintendent and Business Office. Members of the Supervisory Union Board are appointed by participating local school boards. The supervisory union maximizes efficiencies through economies of scale and the flexible management, transfer and sharing of nonfinancial resources. What do you think about this idea?

* 8. What is best way for you to get updates and information in regards to this process as it moves forward? (Check all that apply)

As this process continues and information is gathered, there will likely be different options to consider, we will work hard to keep community members informed and involved in making the best decision for BMU. We are determined to find a solution to best meet the values, priorities, culture and needs of the BMU community (students and taxpayers specifically) and the goals of ACT 46 to provide equitable, quality education, that maximizes efficiency and promotes transparency delivered at a cost we can afford.

* 9. Any other comments?