Survey for Homeowners and Businesses

The invasive brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) has caused headaches for homeowners and businesses due to their entry into homes and buildings during the autumn, often in very large numbers, and their entry living spaces throughout the winter and spring. 
The BMSB IPM Working Group would like to know more about how you deal with BMSB nuisance problems at your home and/or business.  Your responses to our survey will help guide researchers on key issues they should pursue to better combat this problem.  Thanks so much for your assistance!

* 1. In what city do you live?

* 2. Have you had BMSB problems at your home or business?

* 3. Where are your BMSB problems located?

* 4. How many years has BMSB been a problem at your home or business?

* 5. How serious is your BMSB problem?

* 6. Please estimate the number of BMSB that are inside your home or business

* 7. What sources of information have you used to educate yourself about BMSB nuisance problems?

* 8. Which of the following tactics have you used to mitigate your BMSB problems?

* 9. How effective was each tactic you used against BMSB?

  Very Effective Moderately Effective It did not work at all N/A
Physical exclusion with screening, caulk, painters tape, etc.
Applying Insecticides
Hiring professional pest management services
Setting up traps outside my home
Setting up traps inside my home
Using repellents

* 10. How satisfied have you been with the results?

* 11. Besides being in your home, please indicate if BMSB has caused additional problems for you.

* 12. Please rate the following information types as to their usefulness and importance to you when considering your BMSB problems.

  Highly Useful Moderately Useful Not Useful N/A
Biology of BMSB - who are they, where did they come from and when will they go away?
BMSB Population Forecasting - how many should we expect each year?
Insecticide Information - which ones work and which ones don't?
Seasonal Activity Information - when can we expect them to show up?
Traps - do they work?
Professional Pest Management Services - are they worth it?
Repellents - are they useful?
Exclusion Tactics - how can I best seal up my home?
Indoor Tactics - what should I do once they are inside?