* 1. Do you have a current library card for the Cherry Hill Public Library

* 2. In the last year, approximately how many times have you used the services of the Cherry Hill Public Library? (include accessing information from home, by smartphone, or calling the library with questions)

* 3. Do you use the services of other libraries?

* 4. At the library, in which ways do you use the library?

* 5. What are the reasons you don't use the library more often?

* 6. On a scale of one to three where one is "not at all satisfied" and three is "extremely satisfied", how satisfied are you with the following aspects of your public library?

  Not at all satisfied Satisfied Extremely Satisfied
Staff courtesy
Staff competence
The length of time for reserved items
The library's hours
The library's book collection for adults
The library's collection for children
The library's collection of movies
The library's collection of audio books
The library's collection of music CDs
The library's e-book collection
Computer wait time
The access provided to the Internet
The library's collection of online resource databases
The library's facility
The library's location
Response to reference inquiries
The library's collection for teens
The library's children's programming
The library's teen programmming
The library's adult programming

* 7. If you visit the library's website at chplnj.org do you:

* 8. On a scale of one to three where one is "not important" and three is "extremely important", how important are the following types of information or services for the Cherry Hill Library to offer?

  Not important Important Extremely important
Materials, programs and services for preschool and elementary school children
Materials, programs and services for teens
Materials, programs and services for adults
Computer and technology training classes
More hours
Reference services
Coordinated programs with schools
Cultural programs for adults, such as author talks and workshops
Adult literacy programs
Information for job seekers, career and employment information
Starting and maintaining your own business information
Non print materials such as DVDs
Downloadable audio and e-books
Books and services in languages other than English
Quiet work space
Electronic newsletters and program information

* 9. On a scale of one to three where one is "not important" and three is "extremely important", how important is it to you that the Library provides:

  Not important Important Extremely important
A Community Gathering Place
Access to computers
A source for reliable information
A cultural venue for the arts
An educational support center for all ages
A place for families and children
A forum for the discussion of ideas
A place for current books, movies, music
A virtual library to download free ebooks, music, audio, and use online resources
Library cafe
Meeting room space for community organizations and events

* 10. Thank you for participating our survey. Please write any additional comments or suggestions below. Also,which category below includes your age?