Aspiring to unite today’s aviation leaders with tomorrow’s through developmental internships, we welcome your completion of a six-question survey before Wednesday, February 28, 2018, for sharing with Indiana’s collegiate aviation programs. Thank you!

* 1. Will your aviation organization be offering an internship for college students interested in aviation management, aviation planning, or aviation-specific civil engineering in the summer of 2018?

* 2. If “Yes,” what is the name of the organization that will be offering the internship, and what are the title, description, location, and/or expectations of the internship to be offered?

* 3. If “Yes,” will the internship be full-time or part-time, and will compensation be offered?

* 4. If “Yes,” when may candidates expect to apply by, begin their internship, and conclude their internship?

* 5. If “Yes,” how may candidates apply, and what are the name and contact information of the representative with whom candidates may inquire further?

* 6. How early does your organization finalize its summer internship plans?