This post-test is completely anonymous and should take only a few minutes to complete. The results will help us evaluate our library instruction. Thanks for filling it out!

* 2. The level at which this session was taught was

* 3. Cochrane Library is the best database if you are looking for

* 4. CINAHL is the best database if you are looking for

* 5. PubMed is the best database if you are looking for

* 6. A Meta analysis looks at studies using

* 7. A Meta synthesis looks at studies using

* 8. You find an abstract to an article in CINAHL that you want to read. You have the name of the article, the name of the journal, and the date, but you do not have the full text. How do you determine if USF has access to the full text?

* 9. You are doing searches on diabetes. You tried a keyword search on "diabetes" and now you want to modify your search. Which expression would you use to....

  diabetes AND behavior diabetes OR insulin diabetes NOT gestational I don't know
expand your search results, retrieving a larger number of results?
focus your search results, retrieving a smaller number of results?
eliminate results containing a specific word?

* 10. This is a citation from CINAHL:

Kurban N, Savas H, Cetinkaya B, Turan T, Kartal A. Evaluation of nursing students’ training in medical law. Nursing Ethics November 2010;17(6):759-768

What is the name of the journal the article appeared in?

* 11. Why are CINAHL Headings in CINAHL and MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) in PubMed important?

* 12. Any comments you'd like to give us about this library instruction session or the library in general?