We need your help in evaluating the performance of the student working under your guidance. This internship/mentorship does carry academic credit, thus, your evaluation will help us to determine an appropriate grade. Thank you for your assistance and for your time and effort in supervising a Tiffin University student and completing this evaluation on their performance.

Student Name


Supervisor/Mentor Name

Supervisor/Mentor Title

Supervisor/Mentor E-Mail

Supervisor/Mentor Phone

Please estimate the approximate number of contact hours the student performed under your supervision.

Please describe the primary responsibilities assigned thus for during the experience

Please evaluate his/her performance on each of the following dimensions

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor N/A
Writing Skills
Organizational Skills
Verbal Communication
Computer Skills
Working with Others
Ability to Learn Quickly
Industry Knowledge
Ability to Accept Constructive Criticism

How would you rate his/her performance compared to others of similar age, education, and experience?

Would you be interested in having more students from our progam work with your organization?

Please provide any additional comments regarding the performance of the student.

Thank you for providing an evaluation of the student performance during their internship/mentorship for academic credit. If you have any additional comments or wish to discuss the student in-person, please feel free to contact Dr. Bonnie Tiell, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at 419.448.3261 or btiell@tiffin.edu