Welcome to the Preliminary Needs Assessment Survey for the design of an instructional interactive resource for the introductory AutoCAD course! The interactive instructional modules would be designed as a compilation of quick reference resources in learning the AutoCAD software package, which includes: video tutorials, interactive modules with the inclusion of demonstrations and simulations as well as other computer-aided-design material. This survey will analyze the content and learning style needs as well as the motivation to engage in the learning of AutoCAD course.

Please take your time to complete the Preliminary Needs Assessment Survey.

1. Which statement best describe your learning style when studying the principles and techniques of AutoCAD?

2. Have you ever navigated or “played” through embedded and interactive Flash modules or games?

3. Are you more of a textual, audio or pictorial reader when it comes to following step by step tutorials for software you are trying to learn? Check all answers that applies.

4. Do you know how to install software, updates, and other configuration drivers on your personal laptop or desktop?

6. I am comfortable enough to utilize tablets and iPads to get access and utilize information on websites.

7. Which level of proficiency do you currently have on the utilization of Autodesk AutoCAD?


Do you believe as learner having an interactive instructional resource available in multiple platforms, online-based and offline-based, gives you motivation to be more engaged within the AutoCAD course’s assignments and projects?


With many video tutorials that are both useful and not useful available on online, would you as a student feel more confortable having an interactive instructional resource that has video tutorials in one place without taking more time to search for those instructional videos?


Would you be encouraged and motivated to learn AutoCAD if you have unlimited tries to practice certain processes or objectives in the interactive instructional module with self-pacing and self-assessing properties?