Your opinion, experience and advice always matter! Thank you!

This survey is anonymous, i.e. I don't see names, emails or any personal information whatsoever. That's why in the very first question I am asking for some demographic data. You may use another name, but please answer the rest correctly. If there is no name, I'll have to 'assign" you one. The results will be published on my blog and website, for other people to learn from your experience. You'll be able to see them as well. If you don't want and don't know how to answer a question, just skip it. Not all the questions are about the disease, but LIFE in general! Thank you so very much for your time and for sharing your wisdom! Svetla

* 1. Please, start with your name (fake or real), country of residence, age and what you are suffering from (so we'll know for whom the tips are). Here we go with the first question:

3 pieces of advice, tips (recommendations, suggestions) regarding Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism you would like to share for other sufferers. (It could be about diet, vitamins and supplements,herbs or life style, physical exercise, treatment, anything you want to share).

* 2. If you have a time machine, what would you do differently in/with your life before being diagnosed?

* 3. What is the best advice you ever received?

* 4. What would you do differently, if you had no fear?

* 5. The advice I regret following….

* 6. The one thing that always makes me feel better is.....

* 7. The weirdest advice that actually worked….

* 8. What one thing in life you can always count on?

* 9. My best “One Word” piece of advice……

* 10. "YOU" in only 6 words.............