In March 2002, The Joint Commission launched its  Speak UpTM patient safety program. Over time, the program has expanded to more than 40 countries and features infographics, animated videos, brochures and posters.
In an effort to continue to extend our reach and provide a consistent, user-friendly experience, we now are bundling all Speak Up materials into one "package" that includes an infographic and animated video (both in English and Spanish), as well as a podcast, posters and other materials related to the topic. 
If you are not familiar with the Speak Up program, please visit the Speak Up Web page to learn more. All Speak Up materials are available for free download from the website. 

New for 2015:

· Ability to download the whole campaign in one click from the Speak Up Web page.
· Videos have a modern look and feel, with new colors and less “cartoony” characters.
· New Web pages reflect new campaigns.
· Availability of the Speak Up survey year-round. 


Speak Up Web page – All Speak Up materials are located here
Speak Up Album – View and download all Speak Up videos
Dropbox – Download all campaign materials in one “package”

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