About the Project 
The Florida Avenue NE and New York Avenue NE intersection, also known as the “Virtual Circle” or “Dave Thomas Circle,” will soon be transformed to make it safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, and improved to include an inviting trio of thoughtfully-landscaped urban spaces for the community to enjoy.

The reconfiguration of the Florida and New York Avenue NE intersection will create three new public spaces that will weave together neighborhoods including NoMa and Eckington, and improve cross-neighborhood connectivity. They will include trees, plants, seat-walls, planters, space for monumental public art, and other amenities that will provide accessible, useable, and restful spaces for NoMa neighbors. For more information on the project, please visit the Project Information page. 

Final Design of Florida-New York Avenue NE Intersection
Final Design of Florida-New York Avenue NE Intersection

Project Benefits 

The project will: 
  • enhance safety and comfort for visitors, residents, and daily users;
  • create a sense of arrival into the heart of NoMa and Washington DC;
  • deliver active, healthy, and vibrant public space; and
  • foster a strong sense of community.
Design work for this new intersection is now complete, and construction on the new public spaces is expected to begin in July 2023. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

Submit your vote by Saturday, June 25th.
Naming Suggestions
Please refer to the Intersection History & Timeline page for a historical background of the Florida-New York Avenue intersection. 

Some key words to consider as you brainstorm can be found on the Naming Suggestion List page. 

Questions to Consider
Think about your neighborhood and your community.
  1. What makes it special?
  2. What are the defining historic, contemporary, or social aspects that make it unique and which of these attributes could inform the overall name of the new Florida Avenue-New York Avenue NE public spaces?

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* 1. What is your Zip Code?

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* 2. Tell us about yourself.

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* 3. Please provide your suggested name for the public space.

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* 4. Please explain why the name you propose would provide a meaningful, enduring identity for the new public spaces.