1. 10 Short Questions

Cloud computing is defined here as any resource acquired from a third party, hosted off campus, to offer academic, research, library, or administrative services to the college or university community.

* 1. Does your college or university currently use any cloud services in the following areas?

* 2. Does your college or university have a locally developed cloud application?

* 3. Does your college or university plan to develop a Microsoft Azure cloud for your campus?

* 4. Is your college or university planning to use a cloud service in the next

* 5. Is your college or university using social networking applications to support instruction or student retention?

* 6. Does your state higher education oversight organization plan to centralize academic, research, or administrative services in a cloud environment?

* 7. Is your college or university using a cloud computing application to complement or augment you high performance computing services (i.e., supercomputer)?

* 8. When choosing a cloud-based service over a traditional campus-based service, what is most important to your college or university?

  Least Important Most Important N/A
Complements campus architecture
What students want
What faculty want

* 9. Type of higher education institution:

* 10. Are you aware of any other cloud-based applications which would be of interest to others in higher education? Any other comments? Thank you for completing this survey.