Snow Day Make Up

This year we have had an unusual amount of snow days plus we started the year with a four-day delay because of floods.  I have been informed that we can present Information to the Department of Public Instruction and they may forgive some of our instructional minutes.  At this point we have taken away all in-service days, added 20 minutes at the end of the day and 7 minutes to the beginning of they day, and added 2 days on the end of the year for students, and 5 days for staff.    Part of requesting an exemption from some of the instructional minutes we have lost is to find out how the community feels about the change in the calendar to make up for all the missed time.  As a community member or parent please complete the following survey by March 15, 2019.
This year students have had 4 flood days, 3 snow days, 4 cold days and 2 early releases and 1 late start.

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* 1. I think students should need to make up

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* 2. I think teachers should need to make up

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* 3. Please give any other suggestions or ideas you may have about the missed days of school.

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