* 1. Please identify your relationship to the youngsters in your family

* 2. Please provide a little personal information

  I live in the US I live in the UK I live Other
Age, 20-40
Age, 40-60
Age, Plus 60

* 3. The number of youngsters in my family is

* 4. The number of divorces throughout the generations in my family total how many? Go back at least three generations and only count those separations of the people who are directly connected to the children. Include never married couples.

* 5. The youngsters in my family have been exposed to family conflict

* 6. I believe I have resolved the family issues related to separation or divorce in my life

* 7. I have offered the following support to the youngsters in my family when their parents separated

* 8. When offering support to the youngsters in my family during family problems, I have felt:

* 9. I have gained wisdom from the family difficulties in my life. I could like my children and grandchildren to know:

* 10. What else would you like to say