* 1. What is your name, school, and position in school (teacher, administrator, PTA member, etc.)?

* 2. Statement of Interest​ (no more than 250 words): Why are you applying for a Decatur Farm to School Grant? What are your objectives and how do you plan to use this funding to enhance farm to school experiences in your school?

* 3. Statement of Goals​ (no more than 250 words): What goals do you hope to achieve through participation in this program?

* 4. Statement of Sustainability​ (no more than 250 words): How does your school envision sustaining the activities developed by this funding to continue beyond this funding period?

* 5. If selected, to whom should Decatur Farm to School write the check and to whom should the check be mailed? Please provide name and address.

* 6. Do you have permission from the Principal of your school to apply for this grant?