1. American Redneck: Quick Survey


The following questions are intended to be used in an introductory chapter on an unbiased academic book on the subject of the “American Redneck.” Specifically, the book will examine common stereotypes of “rednecks” (a.k.a. white trash, trailer trash, hillbillies, hicks) in the U.S., discuss the social significance of these perceptions, and the relative truths to these stereotypes. This book will also offer personal reflections on the issue from self-identified rednecks from various regions in the country in an effort to foster greater tolerance for the diverse lifestyles that both rednecks and non-rednecks enjoy. Your answers are completely confidential, and your name will not be associated with your answers in any way – I’m just looking for common themes among a large group of people.

To that end, please answer these questions as honestly and as thoughtfully as you can (even the funny question):