Are you ADDICTED to cycling? If so, we want you on our BLADE Ambassador Team!
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* 1. Personal Information

* 2. How did you hear about BLADE Carbon Wheels?

* 3. Please tell us a little about your involvement in the world of cycling.

* 4. What are your athletic goals for 2018?

* 5. Tell us about your bike/bikes?

* 6. What wheels do you currently have on your bike?

* 7. Have you owned carbon wheels in the past? If so which brand?

* 8. Are you a member of a cycling club/team?

* 9. How many km's/miles do you ride a week?

* 10. How long have you been riding? (Road or Triathlon)

* 11. What would your custom BLADE Carbon wheel set look like?

* 12. Please provide us with links to your social media, blog etc.

* 13. Are you currently following us on social media? If so, where and for how long?

* 14. Why should we choose you to be an ambassador for BLADE Carbon Wheels?

* 15. What benefits would you like to have/see as a BLADE ambassador?