Survey Information/FAQ Sheet

Principal Investigator: Dr. Brian Carson, University of Limerick, School of Physical Education and Sports Science.

Other Investigator: Eoghan Hickey, University of Limerick, School of Physical Education and Sports Science and UCD Department of Agriculture, Foods Science and Human Nutrition.

Title of Study: Prevalence of use and motives for Dietary Supplement consumption in Irish Elite and Amateur athletes

To whom it may concern,

You are being invited to participate in a study regarding athlete's prevalence of consumption and attitudes towards dietary supplement use across various sports disciplines. Before you decide if you wish to take part, it is important that you understand what the research will involve. Please take as much time as you would like to read this information carefully.

What is the study looking at?

We are interested in athlete's consumption habits, sources of information and attitudes towards dietary supplement use in sport to enhance performance in any way. To achieve this we are attempting to evenly distribute the survey to athletes across a broad range of sports disciplines: Endurance sports/Team sports/Individual sports/Power sports

Why have I been invited to take part in this study?

As an athlete (either elite or amateur/recreational), you are the primary focus of this particular study. We are aiming to establish the inter-variability of consumption patterns, sources of info and motives for use among different athletic types.

Why conduct this research?

We are aiming to get a comprehensive overview of supplement use and rationales in Irish athletes of various disciplines in the context of recent global research findings in other populations.

What does the study involve?

Your participation in this study will require completion of the following anonymous survey and should take approximately 5-10 minutes of your time. Eligibility criteria require that you are between 18-40 years of age and are participating in some form of sports practice on a regular basis

What will happen to the results of the study?

The aggregated results will be used for the purposes of an undergraduate dissertation. No individual data will be reported.

What happens to my personal data?

The questionnaire is anonymous, therefore no information which could identify you will be collected. The data will be stored for a period of 7 years after which time the data will be destroyed.

What are the benefits of taking part in the study?

Your participation in this study will hopefully contribute towards implementation of better nutritional education strategies around dietary supplement use for athletes/coaches of all sporting disciplines in the near future. In theory, this should better inform those concerned on safe and appropriate use of supplements in their chosen sport where necessary, if at all, when professional advice from a qualified Dietitian/Nutritionist is unattainable.

What are the risks of taking part in the study?

There are no risks associated with participation in this study.

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