* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. Department/Work Area + Unit #:

* 4. Job Function:

* 5. How long have you worked for NBC?

* 6. Are you a Staff or Daily Hire Employee?

* 7. How would you describe your workload?

* 8. How would you describe your work-related stress level?

* 9. Do you get enough break time/rest periods at work?

* 10. Are your work assignments communicated to you clearly?

* 11. Are you given enough time to complete your work?

* 12. Do you feel respected/valued by management?

* 13. Does management listen to your concerns and suggestions?

* 14. How is your overall job satisfaction?

* 15. Please indicate the importance of the following economics:

  Not Important Slightly Important Important Very Important
Pensions/Retirement Security?
Increasing the Company's 401k Match?
Keeping Health Insurance Premiums in Check?
Sick Days?
Holiday Pay/Holiday Paybacks?
Paid Lunch Breaks?
Walk Away Breaks (15 Minutes or Less)?
Raises that Follow or Exceed Cost of Living?
Contractual Penalties?
Work Assignment Fees/Upgrades?

* 16. Please indicate if the following contract fees and penalties apply to you:

  Never Once a Year Once a Month Once a Week Twice a Week
Opportunity to Eat?
Scheduled lunches/Missed meals?
Long tours/2nd lunch?
Short turn around?
Work more than 10 days straight?
Night differential?
DAILY HIRE ISSUES - The Following Questions (in red) #'s 17-22 are specific for Daily Hires

* 17. On average how many days a week do you work for NBC?

* 18. How often have you had to turn down work?

* 19. Have you ever lost follow up/future work at the company after turning down a schedule?

* 20. Are you getting enough work days?

* 21. Daily Hires Scheduling:

  Plenty Just Enough Could Use More Not Enough
Do you get much advance warning on your schedule?
Do you feel you get enough flexibility in the work-personal life balance in the daily hire scheduling selection process?
Do you have much of a choice on days of the week or shifts to work?

* 22. Rate the Importance of the following provisions for Daily Hires:

  Not Important Slightly Important Important Very Important
Payment in Lieu of Benefits?
Flex Plan Contributions?
Payment in Lieu of Vacations?
Company Contributions to the CWA-SRT?

* 23. How often do you travel for work assignments?

* 24. What improvements would you like to see in your travel terms and conditions?

* 25. Do you have any contract proposals for the Bargaining Committee? If yes, please provide them, as well as your name and contact information for follow up by the Negotiating Committee.