1. Important!

We are from ajcproposal.blogspot doing up a proposal to try and make a better change. So we need your help.

We DO NOT take any personal information from you, unless you wish to provide us. We are NOT from the student council, the staff or the authorities.

Unlike all the other surveys in the college, we will take note of ideas and opinions and use them as statistics. You can view our proposal at:

We check our emails very frequently so feel free to email us at your wish. Email: ajcproposal@gmail.com

Help AJC!

* 1. Honestly, do you like the college?

* 2. If given a second chance base on your L1R5 in O levels, will you choose another college?

* 3. Do you at least roughly know how the college spend the fundings, and generally how do you feel about it?

* 4. How do you think of the college in terms of getting the students' responses like ideas, comments, suggestions?

* 5. Do you like college's uniform?

* 6. How do you think of Self Directed Learning?

* 7. We though that reverting to the Secondary School style of full tutorial system might be good as:

- more time for teacher-student bonding
- more effective because of smaller number of students
- better management for the teacher to teach or go through work
- less likely to fall asleep during tutorial
- more interactive as you can ask questions on the spot

So do you want to revert back to the secondary school style of full tutorial system?

* 8. Its said that the college population posses certain ugly characteristics. What are they?

You may select more than one.

* 9. How do you feel about the college building? In terms of outlook, facilities, hygiene, airy/stuffy...

* 10. How do you find the college's authority? Rate the closest or give your own views.

Authority refers to those managing the school (not teachers).