The Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Inc (APCC) consists of Australian and New Zealand government agencies with policy, delivery and practice responsibility for the procurement disciplines of general goods and services, ICT, construction, health, education, defence materiel, and social and human services.  The APCC also coordinates a range of public sector procurement professionalisation activities with a focus on improving capability.
In September 2020, the APCC Council of Chief Executives endorsed the five-year Australasian Procurement Capability and Workforce Development Strategy to deliver a public sector procurement workforce capability that delivers effective solutions to achieve high quality public outcomes. APCC members are committed to investing in a world-leading public sector procurement profession.  
This Survey is in two parts as follows: 
The first step towards investing in the procurement profession is the development of a standard Public Sector Procurement Profession Role Statement to capture the scope and critical importance of the procurement profession. 
The second and sequential step is a range of Procurement Capabilities and Business Skills that supports the Role Statement.

The APCC is consulting with and seeking feedback from a wide range of stakeholders and procurers across the various disciplines. Please take 10 minutes to complete the following questions. Your response will assist the APCC to frame and establish the right direction for the public sector procurement profession.

This is your chance to have a say in what will be your profession.
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