Local Policymakers - How is the immigration debate affecting you and your constituents?

* 1. How important is immigration to you as an elected official?

* 2. Understanding that immigration is a federal issue - do you believe that as a local elected official you will get involved by creating local immigration policy, such as "Sanctuary?"

* 3. Many cities and districts are enacting "Sanctuary" policies. Do you believe this is an effective way for local jurisdictions to get involved with this issue?

* 4. Are you currently working on, discussing or even considering local immigration policy such as Sanctuary?

* 5. Do you believe anything you do at the local level can have an impact on this issue?

* 6. Are you in contact with your Congressional or U.S. Senate representative, or their staff, on this issue? 

* 7. Has the issue of immigration been a subject of any public discussion at your regular meetings in the last six months?

* 8. Do you know if your city or district serves or includes a significant undocumented immigrant community?

* 9. If you are working on local immigration policy, such as "Sanctuary," do you believe you have all the information or resources you need?

* 10. Do you believe Congress or the U.S. Senate will enact immigration reform in the next year? (Whether the President signs it or not)