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My Best Beloved and I are going on the road with our Little one. We're documenting our madness at http://CanfieldOfDreams.com/ which is probably how you found this survey; if not, drop by and see what's up.

We'd love to find ways to barter, exchange, or help; to find the proverbial win/win. We're not interested in wearing somebody's corporate clothing in exchange for money. (Not that we aren't interested in money, just not as payment for being walking billboards.)

We'd prefer to offer something folks just couldn't get anywhere but from a traveling family of remarkable people. (This is no place for false modesty. We're remarkable.)

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* 1. What could a traveling family with our skills offer someone just like you? Perhaps it's something which you couldn't just go buy at the store or get from your local business network. Is it a physical souvenir of the places we go? Perhaps it's a shared experience; video, audio, photographs, a phone call, a letter or postcard? Perhaps we could deliver something from you to someone else, something you'd really prefer hand-delivered instead of trusting an impersonal delivery service.

Imagine you had close friends all over the world. What favor might you ask them?

Nothing's off the table here. No idea too crazy. In fact, the crazier the better; that means you're out in our neck of the woods . . .

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* 2. Would you like to talk to us about your answer above?

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* 3. We love you. Yes we do. Generosity thrills us. Sharing even a few minutes of your time is unselfish and it makes the world, not just our life, better.

Thank you. You're amazing. Yes, you; right there, you.


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