Federal Programs Parent Survey

* 1. Check the three areas you feel are most important for our district to fund with federal dollars.

* 2. Do you feel that your child is safe at school?

* 3. Check the top three problems that you think most often cause students to have trouble in school.

* 4. Do you feel the school is inviting and conducive to teaching and learning?

* 5. Teachers and administrators are held to high professional standards?

* 6. How important is it for us to continue to have teacher assistants in grades K-3?

* 7. What type of parent workshops would you be interested in attending?

* 8. Check the day of the week that is best for you to attend parent workshops.

* 9. What is the most convenient time for you to attend parent workshops?

* 10. Is violence a problem in our school?

* 11. Do you feel that your child is safe at school?

* 12. The discipline policy at this school is consistently enforced.

* 13. Do you feel comfortable to go to the school and talk with teachers, principals, or counselor about your child?

* 14. Other comments?