Illinois Historic Resources

Question Title

* 1. Which Illinois historic resources are most important to preserve?  (Rate each resource by selecting one of the following: Not Important, Somewhat Important, Neutral, Important, Very Important)

  Not Important Somewhat Important Neutral Important Very Important
Maritime archeological sites and resources
Terrestrial archeological sites and resources
Historic parks
Cemeteries, parks, and other designed landscapes
Bridges and other engineering structures
Historic roads and transportation-related resources (gas stations, depots, etc.)
Industrial buildings and complexes
Intangible cultural resources (oral traditions, folklore, traditional skill sets, performing arts, cultural spaces, etc.)
Cultural properties, sites, and landscapes (hunting grounds, burial sites, ceremonial sites, etc.)
Resources of underrepresented communities (African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Indigenous Peoples, Women, LGBTQ+, other ethnic and cultural groups)
Agricultural resources (farmhouses, barns, grain elevators, rural landscapes, etc.)
Historic housing and neighborhoods
Public buildings (courthouses, schools, universities, libraries, museums, city halls, etc.)
Traditional downtown commercial buildings
Houses of worship and other religious buildings
Theaters, stadiums, and recreational facilities
Post-World War II and Mid-Century buildings
Monuments, public sculptures, and objects
Archives, collections, and artifacts