Survey on Online Hate Speech

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The Mandola project focusses on different stakeholders including witnesses of on-line hate speech incidents, policy makers and citizens who are victims or perpetrators of online hate speech.

Witnesses have the possibility to report hate speech anonymously. Policy makers can use up-to-date on-line hate speech information that can be used to create adequate policy in the field. Member States citizens can gain a better understanding of what on-line hate speech is.

All stakeholders should be able to recognize legal and illegal on-line hate-speech and should know what to do when they encounter illegal on-line hate.

The MANDOLA project addresses the two major difficulties in dealing with on-line hate speech including the lack of reliable data and poor awareness on how to deal with the issue.

This 25 question survey collects information about different experiences with online hate speech by users across Europe and outside. it can be answered in 5-7 minutes.

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* 1. Indicate the type(s) of activity that best classifies your organisation

* 2. How do you define your organization?
(based on the number of employees)

* 3. Is your organization part of the Internet Industry?

* 4. Does your organization prosecute online hate speech?

* 5. How often do you usually access chats, forums or social media where users share comments or opinions?

* 6. Are you familiar with the concept of 'online hate speech'?

* 7. How would you define 'online hate speech'?

* 8. Have you ever encountered online hate speech?

* 9. Have you or has your organization ever been a victim of online hate speech?

* 10. What is the most common type of hate speech that you have encountered?

* 11. Which of the following are the most common motives for hate speech?

  Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Elderly People
Nationality/National Minority
People with disabilities

* 12. Do you think your national legislation is adequate for responding to online hate speech?

* 13. Do you have a written policy covering online hate speech in your organisation?

* 14. Have you / has your organisation participated in campaigns, projects or other initiatives in the field of hate speech awareness?

* 15. Did you or your organisation respond to the hate speech that you encountered?

* 16. How did you or would you respond to online hate speech?

* 17. What other responses did you or would you chose when dealing with online hate speech?

* 18. Did you or your organisation continue to track/monitor the online hate speech comment?

* 19. Do you think users are sufficiently aware of the presence of online hate speech in the Internet?

* 20. Do you think users are aware of the legal implication that online hate speech could imply?

* 21. What would help raise awareness regarding online hate speech?

* 22. Do you have any suggestions how to respond to online hate speech?

* 23. Do you think users know what hate speech is?

* 24. Do you think the Internet Industry is sufficiently aware of the presence of online hate speech in the Internet?

* 25. Do you think the Internet Industry is aware of the legal implication that hate speech could imply and their responsibility?

* 26. What is your gender?

* 27. What is your age?

* 29. Final Comment?

Thank you for your time. The results will be shared on the Mandola website. 

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