* 1. What type of rider are you? The following describe some key main characteristics of riders. You are probably thinking, well, I fit in a FEW categories. Pick up to three categories that most describe your rider profile. If you want to stick with just one, that's fine too.

  Most like me Second factors Other
Urban Rider: You have a responsible job, must commute to your horse, and can't ride as much as you want to. You are pressed for time and need an efficient workout that helps you maximize the time you get in the saddle. The urban seated lifestyle
Rural Rider: You are juggling responsibilities, including more time spent driving to things because of distance. Your ideal scenario is a home based workout because you just don’t have time to drive into town for a gym. You get physically tired becau
Professional Trainer: You are on a horse, working in the stable, or coaching for hours every day. You know you have to manage potential for repetitive strain, and maintain your body because your living depends on it. You are tight for time, and need
Mature Amateur/Medical Consideration: You really want to have a body that will let you do what you love to do: ride. And ride well. But a standard workout for young fit people wouldn’t work for you.  If you could, you’d have something between a perso
Student/Youth: You are all about horses and want to do the right things to train your body early on so that you have the best chance to develop properly, and keep on riding as long as you can in life. You have goals. You’re juggling school and maybe

* 2. What are some of your key challenges as a rider? Pick any that apply the most.

* 3. If there were no barriers or obstacles, what does you living your dream look like?

* 4. If you could increase your effectiveness as a rider by 10-20% in the next three months, what would that mean?

* 5. Actually, I'd love to talk to Heather about online coaching or Skyping her in to do a talk or workshop with my group.

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