The LWBLA are working with the Skills Funding Agency to research how providers are developing their Traineeship offer. We'd like to find out what is working, and what isn't. We'd like to identify successful employer engagement models and find out what type of employers are engaging with Traineeships in terms of size, geography, sector. We're also interested in how providers have been attracting learners to the programme. We're keen to hear your views and share any good practice around the issues, challenges and potential to grow capacity.

Many thanks for your time and co-operation in completing this survey.

* 1. What is your Traineeship offer and how do you deliver this?

* 2. What volumes have you delivered to date and what are your future projections?

* 3. What age group are you delivering Traineeships to?

* 4. Are these funded by the Skills Funding Agency of the Education Funding Agency?

* 5. How do you tailor your offer to the needs of the learner and employer?

* 6. What strategy are you adopting for Maths and English as a key element of the programme?

* 7. What routes are you using to recruit trainees?

* 8. How do you sell/promote Traineeships to learners? eg. What do you tell learners about the benefits of the programme?

* 9. What difficulties are there in engaging learners to the Traineeship programme?

* 10. How do you define and deliver your Traineeship offer when there are publically funded 'work experience' options available through the Study Programme?

* 11. Do you have a particular sector focus on your Traineeship offer?

* 12. What employers/sectors from your experience engage in Traineeships and which ones don't?

* 13. Are your employers existing Apprenticeship employers and/or employers you are doing other work with or completely new engagements because of Traineeships?

* 14. What reservations do employers have in engaging with Traineeships?

* 15. Please detail your employer engagement model.

* 16. How do you sell/promote Traineeships to employers? eg. What do you tell employers about the benefits of the programme?

* 17. How do you alter your offer depending on employer size, geography and sector?

* 18. What do you see as the main issues and challenges of the programme?

* 19. What works and what doesn't in your delivery of Traineeships?

* 20. Do you have any good practice to share?

* 21. How can London increase participation and growth of Traineeships?

* 22. Name:

* 23. Organisation:

* 24. Email address:

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. We will share the results shortly.

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