* 1. Who do you contact to assist you with issues in your Mitchell-Lama housing complex? (chose all that apply)

* 2. What factors are most important for you to remain living in a Mitchell-Lama Development?

* 3. what factors play a role in your decision to participate Mitchell-Lama Advocacy Groups?

* 4. How effective are your elected officials in addressing and resolving problems and/or issues affecting the Mitchell-Lama development where you live?

* 5. Is there a waiting list posted in the management office or public area?

* 6. Who supervises your development?

* 7. Would term limits benefits your Cooperative Board or Tenant's Association?

* 8. Should there be standardized rules and regulations governing the election and voting process inclusive of quorums, proxies and absentee ballots?

* 9. Succession Rights: To protect the financial stability, operation and security of your residence, should succeeding family members be subject to a security check?

* 10. Should there be standard procedures governing vacancies where residents have a successor or does not have a successor?

* 11. How quickly does your Landlord/Management/Maintenance respond when you contact them regarding any conditions in your Mitchell-Lama development?

* 12. Do you receive a rent/maintenance subsidy? If yes, what type?

  SCIE DREI LAP Section 8 Voucher

* 13. How many people reside in your household

* 14. What are the most pressing problems facing your development?

* 15. Please rate the following conditions on a Scale of 1-5:

  1 = Poor 2 = Fair 3 = Good 4 = Very Good 5 = Excellent
Air quality (mold/mildew)
Leaking pipes
Locks at building entrances
Timely or emergency repairs
Building maintenance/Upkeep
Hot water
Security Cameras
Appliances (rental apartments only)
Extermination services (bedbugs and other infestation)
Lead paint
Window Guards
Garbage removal
Sanitary conditions
Over all quality of life

* 16. OPTIONAL: If you would like to add your name to our mailing list for future notices and information, please complete this section

Thank you for participating in the Brooklyn Mitchell-Lama Task force Survey on Mitchell-Lama Affordable Housing in Brooklyn. With the information that you provide, we will be able to better serve you as well as provide pertinent information to other elected officials and government agencies regarding this great form of affordable housing.